The library of School act as learning resources centre with its excellent collection of books, periodicals and a student Resource Centre and a variety of services act as a support and inspiration to the teaching and learning community of the school. The school library provides access to a wide range of materials and technologies encourage literacy and a love technologies encourage literacy and a love of reading that are essential to function successfully in today's information and knowledge based society. The school library support the learning of all students and inspires curiosity and creativity.

Aim of Library

The library effectively participates and provides a welcoming learning environment for students and staff supports the school's aim and curriculum, encourages the love for reading and the development of student's independent learning skills.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities in school de-stress students and also develop skills that later help to groom their personality. A wide variety or co curricular activities are organized on an Inter House Basis for the Primary section and senior section separately, Special Coaching for music, dance, drawing, craft, basket ball, volleyball, Taekwondo, Chess, Aerobics, Dramatics, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Calligraphy, Skating, Quizzing, Flower Arrangement, Word Games, football and yoga is also arranged.

Games and Sports

The school provides adequate facility for indoor and outdoor games. To promote a healthy competition Inter house matches are organized in every session.

Science & Maths Laboratories

D.S.M School is providing for the students a highly sophisticated & well equipped Science laboratory, catering to all field of Science i.e., Physics, Chemistry & Biology and exploring mathematical concepts with activities using a wide variety of mathematical models, enables the children to observe think, analyze & learn the different facts so that students get the complete experience of Education.

Computer Education

The school has dedicated faculty extending its availability to all the students from classes I to X. At present there is one computer lab in the school loaded with advanced latest IT specifications.