Admission to the school is open to all candidates irrespective of religion and socio-economic background.

Children who have completed 3 ½ years of age by 1st April of the respective year are admitted in L.Kg. Ten percent of the seats is reserved for candidates from Below Poverty Level(Red Card Holder). To ascertain the standard of each child the school gives different kinds of tests. Parents are interviewed for their understanding of the type of education offered in the school and to see their ability to co-operate with it. For higher classes, candidates are considered for admission only if a vacancy exists. In all cases seats are offered to most deserving candidates.

In cases of transfer, the transfer certificate is to be presented and if there is a vacancy the students are taken in after a test.Students are to take fresh admission after Std. X.

Strictness is observed in the matter of AGE and no case will be considered for Admission unless proper documentary evidence of Date of Birth is produced along with the admission form. The date of birth, once entered, will not be subsequently altered. A candidate will be required to produce an official Birth Certificate such as Municipal/ Baptism Certificate, at the time of Admission.


DSM is a child centric school and believes in providing a stress free atmosphere to the students. The school follows a two term system to assess students’ performance annually. Our Academic Term starts in March and ends in February. The school closes for 5 weeks during the summer, 1 ½ weeks during Pujas and 2 weeks in winter.


In pursuit of our aspirations to become one among the top schools in Jamshedpur we have various periodical and term-based assessment systems for the years as mentioned below :

Std.L.KG - III Continuous assessment
Std.IV – VIII Periodical Test
Class test (teacher dependant)
Half yearly and Final Exam.
20 marks
10 marks
70 Marks paper


The focus in DSM up to the middle school level is on web learning. We design our own activity based curriculum to make learning fun for the children. The school focuses on providing a stress free environment in order to enhance learning. A lot of innovative teaching methodologies are implemented to teach various subjects. The teachers are given freedom to experiment with new teaching techniques. A revision period in every class up to Std. VII ensures that the slow learners are able to complete their work under the guidance of supervision of the class teacher.

In the senior section the syllabus as prescribed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination is implemented. Learning is also enhanced through various projects made by the children on various topics. The importance of learning by doing is emphasized upon by having a three day workshop for all the children in the school where they prepare models in the school itself and display them in an exhibition on the third day.

Peer Learning and Teaching is encouraged by allowing brighter students to help weaker ones and due appreciation in the form of a certificate is given to them when improvement is seen..

We organize Annual Prize Night, Annual Sports Day and Annual Exhibition to recognize every student who is gifted either in academics, sports or co-curricular activities. Principal’s Award is also given to the deserving students. This award recognizes any meritorious or special contribution made by a student towards the school.